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Förslaget inkom 2010-04-20

Enhancement techniques for lane position adaptation

Volvo Technology is a Business Unit of the Volvo Group (AB Volvo) with head office in Gothenburg (Sweden) and offices in Lyon (France) and Greensboro/Allentown (United States). Volvo Technology is an innovation company that on contract basis invents, researches, develops and integrates new products and business concepts and technology for hard as well as soft products within transport and vehicle industry.

The department Human, Systems and Structures has a wide experience of research and development within the area of active safety systems and HMI integration. The Intelligent Vehicle Technologies (IVT) group performs applied research and development with the primary goals to increase traffic safety and transport efficiency.

One of the main research areas of the IVT group is Driving Assistance Systems Development. Within this area our focus is on the development of functions to assist the driver in order to improve safety and efficiency. Examples of such functionality are; lateral and longitudinal vehicle control, vehicle automation, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, collision avoidance, monitoring of driver drowsiness and distraction, etc. We typically work in the whole chain from requirement generation and concept design to function development, simulation, rapid prototyping and testing. Key competences include Simulink based function development, signal processing, vehicle dynamics control, environmental sensors and data fusion, as well as data logging and complete system testing.

Language: English / Swedish

Full Title: Enhancement techniques for lane position adaptation using GPS- and map data.

Description of work:
Today a range of various driver assistance applications can be realized by using vision based sensor systems. A lane position monitoring system can be used for keeping track of the vehicle position within the lane by using a camera for tracking the distance to the lane markings.

The thesis work aims at investigating the performance of a lane position monitoring system and investigating enhancement techniques for increasing the robustness and availability of such a system by using additional sensor sources like GPS complemented with map data.

The work includes:
o Data collection in a truck equipped with GPS and camera based lane position system for analysis of performance of the developed system.
o Development of fusing techniques for data from a camera based lane position monitoring system and GPS- and map data for estimation of road geometry and vehicle lane position.
o Modelling and evaluation of a vehicle lane position system using data from a camera based lane position monitoring system complemented with GPS- and map data.
o Reporting and presentation at the end of the project.

The project is suitable for 1-2 full time Master students. Supervision will be provided by experienced Volvo Technology engineers. The work will take place at the Volvo Technology facility at Lindholmen/Götaverksgatan in Gothenburg.

Candidates should be in their final year of their Master’s studies. Suitable (Swedish) programmes include Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Mechatronics. Candidates with equivalent backgrounds from other programmes will also be considered.
Previous experience in data analysis and modelling in Matlab/Simulink is an advantage.

Starting date:
May/June 2010

For more information please contact:
Henrik Wassén, Systems Engineer, +46 31 322 53 58

Please apply at www.volvogroup.com/career


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