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Förslaget inkom 2010-04-21

Product Service System within Integrated Logistic Support

Volvo Aero, part of the Volvo Group, develops and manufactures advanced components for commercial aero engines. We focus on light-weight technologies in order to minimize fuel consumption as well as emissions. This is also the reason why the world's leading aerospace companies choose to cooperate with Volvo Aero. Our products are to be found in more than 90 % of all new large aircraft. Volvo Aero offers an extensive range of services, including maintenance, repair and overhaul of aero engines and industrial gas turbines. Volvo Aero has approximately 3 300 employees with operations in Trollhättan, Linköping, (Sweden), Kongsberg (Norway), Boca Raton, Newington and Seattle (USA).

Please note: This assignment is a student thesis. In order for your application to be considered you need to be a currently enrolled university student eligible to complete a Master thesis as part of your university program.

Background of thesis project:
An issue that is becoming more and more focused in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) area is Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) information. Many companies are today moving their focus from a pure “manufacture and sell”- business to a business where they support their product over the complete lifecycle offering a number of services. Generally – such solutions are called Product Service Systems, and are within Volvo referred to as Soft Products. There are several reasons for this change of focus including a harder competition with less profit on the actual sale as well as an increased complexity of products delivered. A success in these late stages of the lifecycle requires additional product information to be managed including information about product individuals and support. An initiative in the information standards area supporting this is ISO10303-AP239 (PLCS). This thesis will investigate how PLCS can be used as a base for future offerings in the ILS area.

Volvo Aero is a leading supplier of engines and components in the global aerospace industry. An important part of their business includes support and services for engines in operation. There is also a wish to increase business in this ILS area by making existing services more efficient and by launching new services taking benefit of existing investments and new opportunities.

Eurostep is a global company focused on standards based product data management and are playing a leading role in the development and implementation of product data standards including PLCS. Eurostep will in this proposed thesis work contribute with expertise in the ILS standards domain as well as with their experiences from PLM at major companies.

Suitable background of students:
We believe that a suitable background is Master students within Engineering or Industrial economics with an interest in system solutions and product service systems.

Description of thesis work
Research questions:
• How can information management standards, such as PLCS, be used in integrated Product Service Systems/Soft Products?

The thesis work will include the following activities:
• Investigate information enablers for soft products (SP) in the Aerospace Industry
• Investigate current SP initiatives at Volvo Aero
• Investigate required ILS and Product information needed for the SP’s
• Map info from suitable SP case to PLCS
• Build a PLCS demonstrator using the Share-A-space tool.

The result of the thesis work will be:
• A recommendation of SP areas where PLCS could be an enabler
• A demonstrator/example of a SP enabled by PLCS

The work will be executed as a thesis work for Volvo Aero in Trollhättan. The work will be executed On-site in Trollhättan. Tutoring and support will be provided by Eurostep in Gothenburg.

Thesis Level: Master

Language: English

Starting date: 2010-06-01

Number of students: 1-2

Volvo Aero: Fredrik Almyren, Business & Systems Analyst, +46 (0)520-945 27
Eurostep: Simon Pettersson, Regional Operations Manager, +46 (0)733-30 68 93

Please apply at our homepage www.volvogroup.com/career read more under the student thesis section (Reference number 8276BR)


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