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Förslaget inkom 2010-06-07

Thesis work - Genetically encoded regulable imaging reporters for in vivo cell localisation

Recent advances in stem cell biology are accompanied by the need for better methods to localise transplanted stem cells and their progenitors in vivo. As one wants to follow the fate of the transplanted cells in the host over a longer period of time, noninvasive imaging is an attractive detection method.
In order to allow for the differentiation between transplanted cells and host cells, the transplanted cells need to be labelled prior to transplantation. One way to achieve this is to genetically modify the stem cells so that they express a reporter gene, the product of which can then be detected by the imaging device. If such a reporter gene is targeted to a specific cell type, such as inflammatory cells, it can also be used to monitor infiltration of those cells into diseased tissue in vivo.
The aim of this master thesis work is the construction of reporter transgenes, both constitutive and regulable, allowing regulation of target protein levels in vitro and/or in vivo, and validate them in mouse embryonic stem cells.

Your role
Cloning, transfection and validation of reporter gene constructs. Evaluation of the Proteo-Tuner system.

Your experience
You are familiar with basic molecular biology techniques, self-reliant, enjoy working in the lab and have a strong desire to learn and are used to evaluate and interprete results.

Work at AstraZeneca
A thesis work at AstraZeneca offers you the opportunity to work in a stimulating and innovative research environment at a leading pharmaceutical company. During your thesis work at the transgenics department in Mölndal, you have the chance to work in a specialist team providing genetically modified models as support for drug projects to improve the likelihood of success of candidate drug compounds as they move into development (translational science).

For more information
Please contact Meint Schuelke for more information +46 31 7761822, (alternatively please contact Johan Jirholt +46 31 7762511).

Welcome with your application via www.astrazeneca.se no later than June 28. We will only handle applications received via our website.


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