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Förslaget inkom 2010-06-21

Master theses: Stability analyses of gravity dams with probability-based design procedure

The concept of probability-based design and risk evaluation procedure is being introduced in the dam-safety practice in the country. The recent years have evidenced increasing interests and efforts, both from the dam owners and consultants. The recent PhD studies completed by Marie Westberg (2010) is a courageous attempt and a typical example in the area, in which the use of the method in the analyses of concrete gravity dams was discussed, with illustrated applications on a dam spillway section and a power intake.

In the context of reliability-based approaches, it is usually not a big deal to work out failure modes for a dam. The most difficult thing is the realistic determination or estimation of participating loads as random variables. For an existing dam, the data should be based upon measurements in order to be realistic, which is not an easy thing to do. As far as the degree of complexity is concerned, dams are far more than houses and bridges, whose loads are more or less well defined. The degree of difficulty lies in the dam foundation that is often irregular.

This current diploma work involves one or two university students. It will bee performed as co-operation with Prof. Chao Jia at Shandong University in China. The main project theme is the failure mode and risk analysis for a concrete dam and two aspects are included as follows.

(1): Stochastic analysis based on structural mechanics. The main dam failure modes are identified, including establishment of the performance function for each failure mode, and specification of the dam system failure probability.

(2): To set up a numerical model through common commercial software, then to calculate the reliability index of the dam.

The Longtan gravity dam is a target object in the project, with valuable data from extensive investigations. The Longtan Hydropower Station is a dam and hydroelectric power plant currently being constructed on the Hongshui River in South China, a tributary of the Xi River and the Pearl River, located in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. When completed, it will be China’s third largest dam and hydroelectric plant, next to the Three Gorges Dam and Xiluodu Hydropower Station. It was designed to provide power generation, help flood control, improve conditions for shipping, and combat salt tide that has plagued water usage in cities along the Pearl River Delta. The entire project involves the construction of a roller-compacted concrete gravity dam, subterranean power plant, and two ship locks to allow for navigation past the dam. The projected cost is US$4.2 billion (about 30 billion Swedish Kronor).

The completed dam will be the world’s highest roller-compacted dam at 216.5 m high and 832 m wide. The underground power plant will be 388.5 m long, 285 m wide and 72.7 m high. The hydropower station will be equipped with nine generators, with a total installed power capacity of 5,400 megawatts, which is expected to produce between 15.6 to 18.7 billion kilowatt-hours annually. The ship locks and lifts will be the world’s fastest, capable of lifting major cargo ships 179 m from the river level below to the reservoir level behind the dam.

Through the project, the students will have a good understanding and feeling of both the probability theory and its practical applications, especially how the contributory loads of a dam are, as input, determined as random variables.

Time plan
The diploma work will bee performed during 20 weeks. The main part of the work will bee performed in Shandong.

Daniel Eklund, Chao Jia & James Yang.

If you are interested, please send your application as soon as possible to [email protected] The application shall contain:

· Curriculum Vitale
· Grades from your education

Contact person:
James Yang
Vattenfall Research and Development
814 26 Älvkarleby
[email protected]


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