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Förslaget inkom 2010-06-30

Life cycle assessment of plastic from wood

Plastics play a steadily increasing role in our daily life due to their favorable material properties like light weight and long life time. However, plastics are not as advantageous as they might seem at first glance: their consumption of fossil resources and non-degradability after their use are threats to the environment. These threats can be tackled in different ways and one possibility is the application of renewable materials like corn or sugarcane to produce conventional plastics.

In a recent project of the Division of Environmental System Analysis (Chalmers University of Technology), we assessed this strategy from an environmental point of view by comparing the environmental impact of renewable based PE with crude oil based PE. However, a lot of questions were not targeted by this study and remain unanswered. For example, we considered sugarcane ethanol based PE but other renewable materials may be also considered. One of these materials is wood and we would like you to assess the application of wood for producing PE during your master thesis.

The thesis project consists of:

- data collection for all processes included in the life cycle
- application of these data for an impact assessment with regard to global warming, eutrophication, photochemical ozone creation, acidification and primary energy consumption
- interpretation of the results of the impact assessment
- delivery of a project report (master thesis) in English

The thesis is targeted to one student with background in LCA methodology from courses in LCA (VTM081, ESA, CTH or similar).

Life cycle assessment is used extensively in industry, and you will have the chance of gaining practical skills and deeper knowledge on how to assess a product using LCA methodology, which will also help you to critically assess other people’s environmental reports. Moreover you will gain valuable insight into the innovative production of conventional plastics from renewable materials.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us via email for further information.


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