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Förslaget inkom 2010-11-03

Software Architecture, Vehicle Navigation

Trucks and cars are slowly becoming autonomous vehicles that are becoming integrated into the traffic infrastructure. Traditionally, a vehicle has had internal sensors for example to measure vehicle speed as a basis for a number of vehicle functions such as braking and cruise control. With new applications such as for example active safety , cooperative vehicular systems and various types of so called vehicle telematics applications , vehicles are also being equipped with
- Sensors, such as cameras and radars that provide information about the nearby traffic environment
- GPS and map/routing information
- Vehicle to vehicle communication
- Vehicle to infrastructure communication, including communication with smart road signs and with traffic information providers. The actual communication could for example be through GSM or through short range wireless protocols.
These new information sources provide opportunities for new vehicle functions. The new information made available to vehicles and their environment provides a number of tentative benefits including increased road network capacity, reduced congestion and pollution, shorter and more predictable journey times, improved traffic safety for all road users, lower vehicle operating costs, more efficient logistics, improved management and control of the road network and better response to hazards, incidents and accidents.

At the same time there is a need to provide an appropriate architecture for dealing with this variety of information sources as a basis for vehicle control and interactions with the driver. Many of the new types of sensors and information sources (e.g. maps) are beyond what traditionally has been developed by vehicle manufacturers. Trucks have to be designed to deal with a long life-time and system evolution (changes of the vehicle during its life-time). A key mission for trucks is to provide dependable transportation. These high-level goals provide important constraints when developing the software architecture for navigation.

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