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Förslaget inkom 2010-11-12

Mobile phones can be used as traffic safety support devices

Implementation of one or more active safety system features into a mobile phone platform

Software development, mobile phones, automotive, active safety systems, ADAS, accidents, LDW, FCW, cooperative systems, image processing, vehicle safety

Traffic safety is an area where more and more focus is on advanced active safety systems and the use of e.g. image processing for lane/object detection or sign recognition. As the functionality and performance of mobile phones increase and become advanced computers with sensing systems such as cameras, accelerometers and GPS, the possibility for using these as nomadic (“bring with you”) active safety systems increase dramatically. An additional benefit with using already existing mobile phones for the task is the possibility to include sending information between units – making them so called cooperative systems.

The thesis
This thesis is to design and implement one or several active safety systems into one or several mobile phone platforms. The work may be a stand along unit or it may include a cooperative component via a server (sending traffic safety information from one phone to another). Some source code to access sensing information may be available to start building from, so the main task is to build the active safety functionalities into the phone, using e.g. image processing, sensor fusion etc. The focus will be customized to the background of the students that apply.

• Literature study with focus on identification of active safety systems appropriate for integration into mobile phones, as well as implementation details for the functionality itself.
• Implementation of the active safety system(s) chosen into one mobile phone platform of choice (e.g. iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile)
• Evaluation of the performance of the implementation in vehicle.
• If chosen to do so and time permits, integrate a cooperative system perspective (send the information such as warnings to others, preferably using available cooperative system protocols).
• Write a thesis report of high academic standard

Other information
This is a master thesis at Chalmers University of Technology, posted by the group Accident Prevention in the division of Vehicle Safety – participating in the automotive masters program. Collaboration between students from different departments and masters programs are highly encourages. Relevant education areas for students interested in this thesis are mechanics, automation, computer science, electrical engineering, engineering physics and mathematics.


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