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Förslaget inkom 2010-11-16

Programming Optimisation and Processor Evaluation


High speed signal processing tasks onboard a satellite is traditionally often realised by one or more dedicated application specific integrated circuits (ASICs). Thanks to faster and more powerful processors now available for space applications, it becomes attractive to implement these types of signal processing tasks in software. This offers several advantages in form of flexibility and faster time-to-market. To utilise the processor’s capacity as much as possible, the software must be efficiently coded and optimised for the target processor. A way to achieve this, and at the same time reduce the development time, is to implement algorithms in matlab during the development phase after which they are translated to real software.

RUAG Space AB develops and manufactures equipment for space use, mainly computers and computer-based systems, antennas and microwave electronics and guidance and separation systems. The equipment is used in launchers, satellites and other space vehicles.

Task Description

The first task of this thesis work is to develop a flexible bench mark test using our space qualified processor board. The second task is to evaluate the performance of different methods of converting a signal processing algorithm defined in matlab into C-code. The test program shall at a first stage contain standard routines such as e.g. FFT. The next stage is to translate signal processing code written in matlab to C-code. Several methods can be considered for this, for example manual translation or using tools that automatically perform this translation. The different methods shall be evaluated in hardware using the developed test bench. The suitability of the automatically generated code as flight software shall also be assessed.

The third task is to evaluate the obtained C-code in matlab environment. The purpose of this is to use matlab as a test bench to verify the correctness and accuracy of the code.

Effort and Qualification
The thesis is intended for one or two people with duration of 10 or 20 weeks. It is valuable if you have knowledge of signal processing and experience of programming in Matlab and C.

•Collect information and study test bench methods, code translation from matlab to C and the usage of embedded C-code modules in matlab.
•Get familiarised with the RUAG’s processor board and test environment.
•Build the test bench and run first standard test in the laboratory using processor board.
•Modify the test bench program with different code converted from matlab.
•Evaluate the C-code modules in matlab
•Compile results and write report
•Make an oral presentation of the work


Applications for this thesis shall be addressed to: [email protected]

Contact Persons
Contact persons for technical matters are:

Thomas Lindgren
[email protected], 031 735 4398

Erika Hult
[email protected], 031 735 4097


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