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Förslaget inkom 2011-02-11

Innovative and Process Oriented Inventory Management System

Main Goal:
To design innovative, integrated and process oriented inventory management system to be used by various stakeholders, such as biomedical engineers, patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare management team.

Equipment Inventory Management System is an important component in effective management of healthcare infrastructure, such as medical equipments and other equipments in hospitals and clinics.
Due to advances in telemedicine and e-health technologies, hospitals and clinics are providing more advanced services in the patient’s homes, thus increasing number of medical equipments used by patients outside the hospital environment. Patients and Health professionals are using medical equipments in daily routines, and dependency over the usage of medical equipments is rising.

However, most of the today’s equipment inventory management system is tailored to the needs of biomedical engineers who perform maintenance of medical equipments, and provides very little services to the needs of clinics, patients and health management team.

Explanation of the goal of the thesis work
Innovative – means that the student must understand first how inventory system is functioning right now based on current business model of the biomedical engineering department, and possibly come up with a new business model and design of inventory system that satisfies the business model
Integrated – inventory management system must harmonize with the needs of various stakeholders involved in the process of care and who use the medical equipments to realize their needs
Process Oriented – inventory management system will be designed to support stakeholders’ processes to achieve their desired objectives and business model.
The design of equipment inventory management system will include following activities:
- Thorough investigation of the field of inventory management
- Understanding current and new challenges faced by the Biomedical Engineering Department, patients, clinics and hospital management in regards to equipment management
- Define processes for integrating patients-clinics-biomedical engineering department-hospital management activities in regards to equipment management
- Design of user interface for equipment inventory management system that satisfies the needs of various stakeholders and satisfies current and new challenges
- Get feedback from selected stakeholders on the design and making necessary adjustments
- Writing final thesis report on the subject

Time Plan
The goal has to be accomplished during the thesis period. During this time several deliverables and presentations shall be produced. Following are deliverables to be produced:
1) State-of-the-Art, Current and New Challenges faced by healthcare organizations to effectively manage medical equipments and other infrastructure in hospitals and clinics
2) Needs and concerns of various stakeholders in regards to proper usage and maintenance of medical equipments
3) Design of processes for equipment inventory management system that satisfies the needs and concerns
4) Design of user interfaces for equipment inventory management system
5) Final Thesis Report

Progress Reporting
Progress reports will be done every week to track the progress. This is mostly useful for a thesis worker, however, supervisor at Karolinska will monitor the progress and give feedback if necessary. Progress reports should be uploaded to projectplace.

Face-to-face meetings with supervisor
Face-to-face meetings will be arranged with supervisor 2 times a month. Once in the middle of the month, and second time after presentation. The meeting objectives should be to discuss the work and if any modifications are necessary to continue the work.

The main requirement for the thesis work is the ability to learn new things and think outside of the box. If a student has already made an innovative solution during studies, it’s good enough. If so, please describe it in your cover letter.
The ideal candidate should also have understanding of human computer interaction and have done some system analysis and design.
If you have done some programming before, especially in Perl/Catalyst, it’s a bonus, but not a must.

Please send your CV, cover letter and transcript of records to [email protected]


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