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Förslaget inkom 2011-04-11

Thesis: The influence of surface roughness on the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

This is a 20 weeks assignment based in IKEA of Sweden (IOS), in our Älmhult offices. IOS is the heart of IKEA, responsible for IKEA’s product development and availability worldwide.

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Thesis project/ Student assignment: The influence of surface roughness on the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.
IKEA of Sweden AB, Älmhult

Many products within the IKEA product range are made of stainless steel. After fabrication for example deep drawing, spinning and tube making, the surfaces have to be restored to achieve the desired appearance. This is done in various grinding and polishing processes. How these processes are carried out highly affect the performance of the product. Two articles looking the same by the naked eye can have different properties in terms of corrosion resistance. The explanation to this is found in differences in the surface roughness on a micro level.

The aim of the work is to get knowledge on what features in the surface roughness that have an impact on the corrosion resistance. Based on this knowledge identify the relevant standard surface roughness parameters and the magnitude of these to obtain a corrosion resistant product. The surface roughness parameters shall be measurable with a surface roughness tester to allow for direct use in conjunction to production.

The analysis is done through surface analysis and material characterization on samples provided by IKEA. The samples have different surface appearances and have been corrosion tested.

The thesis will be carried out both in Älmhult and at your institute of technology. Since not all equipment required to carry out the surface analysis/ material characterization is accessable within IKEA it is of importance to secure that this can be accessed through your institute.

We are looking for one or two students working as a team. You need to have interest in material science and knowledge of various methods for material characterization. You are also familiar with mathematical statistics. Together you have knowledge of stainless steel and corrosion and maybe also of fabrication techniques for steel.

You have an analytical mindset and we see that you are structured and have a careful way of working. You are able to communicate in English, take initiative and work independently.

Application deadline: 2011-05-15.
Proposed Start date: There is some flexibility regarding the start of this assignment, however we are aiming to have our students starting in September.

If you have any questions regarding the thesis assignment, please contact Jörgen Larsson at 0476- 58 73 59.
For questions regarding the recruitment process, please contact our HR Service Centre at 0476-58 75 00.

We look forward to receiving your application!


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