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Förslaget inkom 2011-05-09

Big Data Visualization


Nowadays we face data explosion in many areas, e.g. data of the telecom providers, health care data, etc. The “big data” movement (Hadoop, MapReduce,..) offers a class of solutions to capture, analyze and mine very large data sets. Big Data leverages clusters of commodity computers instead of huge mainframes. Apart from handling such amount of data with new solutions and having some analysis on the data, many analysts only get some report on the data. Such reports lack flexibility and granularity necessary to investigate data sets spanning multiple sources, and examine them at different levels of details. Visualization of analytic results on the data seems to be a natural choice for having better understanding of the data behavior.

This thesis involves investigating and developing solutions to visualize different information about the data. The main focus of this thesis will be more the visualization of the analytic results than running different analysis.
The thesis includes:
• Performing number of analysis on big scale data. (The data will very likely be Social Network data)
• Studying available open source big data frameworks that can be used for visualization of the results.
• Choosing the right tool (or coming up with own solution) and presenting visualization of the analytic results.


MSc studies in computer science, mathematics, media, communication engineering, computer networks, or related area. Having some graphical programming background is a plus.
Good skills in the Java programming languages.
Special knowledge about the relevant industry is a plus. Fluency in English is a must.
You need to be self-motivated, innovative, creative and able to work independently and learn quickly. In return, you will get to work with cutting-edge technology in a stimulating learning environment and with a team that wants to make a difference.

Work location: Stockholm/Kista.

If you are interested, we invite you to apply for this thesis through Ericsson link provided. Please state in your application when you can start.


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