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Förslaget inkom 2011-06-19

Development and commercialization of HaloPlex PCR for next-generation DNA sequencing

Master degree project
We have a current opening for a master degree project in our molecular biology group. As a master student at Halo Genomics you will work together with a cross-functional team in a fast pace environment. Halo Genomics operates in one of the most exciting fields of molecular biotechnology, and the company is defined by enthusiasm and innovative spirit.

Why is one person more likely to develop a disease — like cancer, diabetes or Parkinson’s — than someone else? Why would one person respond differently to treatment than another? Halo’s technologies are helping researchers around the world to answer these questions and others, on a scale not even possible a few years ago.

Halo Genomics AB is a provider of high performance products and services for the rapidly expanding market of next-generation DNA sequencing. The recently launched HaloPlex PCR Reagent Kits enable customers to capture and amplify thousands of predefined regions of the genome in a single tube reaction. The company’s products are offered to a wide range of academic, government, pharmaceutical, commercial and other leading institutions around the world.

Project description
The project will be focused at optimizing and improving the HaloPlex™ PCR technology aiming to launch an updated version of the product. The student will learn and utilize basic and advance molecular biology techniques to assist in the development of the HaloPlex PCR assay. Successful candidate will perform experimental set-up, execution, data analysis, present data weekly to assay development group, and keep a well organized and detailed lab notebook.

Applicants should have a strong personal drive and a positive personality with a relevant background in molecular biology or biotechnology. Good communication and documentation skills in English are necessary, good Swedish is an advantage. Documented laboratory experience outside of class is qualifying.

Motivated applicants are encouraged to send their CV and personal cover letter by e-mail to the contacts below. Grades are mandatory, references and recommendations are a plus.

e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]


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