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Förslaget inkom 2011-07-08

Investigation study on the relation between the power production of wind farms and atmospheric modeling results.

An important key for profitable wind farms is their location on high wind sites. Atmospheric modeling is a simulation tool used in the screening of sites potentially suitable to wind power development. A wind resource mapping over Sweden with 1x1 km^2 horizontal resolution was commissioned by the Swedish Energy Agency and has been developed during 2007-2010 at the Uppsala University by using the atmospheric simulation model MIUU. The results are publicly available and are an essential tool for many wind power developers.

The aim of this project is to investigate the relation between the MIUU wind resource mapping results and the energy production outcome of operational wind farms. Production data from different wind farms located in Sweden will be analyzed as well as the climatology of the specific sites. The relation between energy production outcome and the modeled average wind speed will be investigated.

This project/internship will be developed at the office of O2 located in central Stockholm where a team of 34 enthusiastic people works. The company is also located in Öland, Östersund and Kiruna with a total of 47 employees. The project duration is 3 months with start in September. The work may be conducted either in Swedish or English.

O2 is a leader Swedish on-shore wind power developer. O2 has twenty years experience in developing wind farms and has developed about one-fifth of the total wind power installed in Sweden. O2 is actively present in all stages of wind power development, from the first wind measurements to the construction of the wind farms, the production of wind-generated electricity and the wind energy retail business.

If you find this project interesting please send your CV and letter of interest to [email protected] at the latest 15th August 2011.


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