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Förslaget inkom 2011-08-29

Innovative Health Apps Development

Den här annonsen gäller både för svenska och utländska studenter, bachelors och masters nivå.

Karolinska together with private and public companies is involved in development of innovative healthcare apps to be used in developing countries to improve healthcare for HIV patients, Tuberculosis patients, pregnant women, children and malaria patients.

We are developing distributed healthcare applications to function on latest devices (e.g. Android, iPhone) and running HTML5, and Java applications, among others.

There are different competences required to develop innovative healthcare apps that are useful and value-added for the end-user and therefore, we try to setup a multidisciplinary team members to work on developing healthcare apps.

Multidisciplinary competences include Human Computer Interaction (HCI), designers, business process analysts, software developers for front-end and back-end, distributed systems engineers, biomedical engineers and medical personnel, among others.

Students work directly in the project together with internal developers, where they can learn from each other to advance their skills.

You can be located at any place in Sweden, or even globally. The only thing we ask is that you are open-minded, team-spirited, innovative, and knowledge driven, and are ready to accept challenges of working with online teams.

We are looking for students that would like to apply their skills and competences to develop next generation healthcare apps to be used in developing countries, starting with Uganda. All healthcare apps are going to be tested in the Living Lab setup in Uganda.

So if you like HCI Design, or Programming or any competence you believe is suitable for developing next generation healthcare apps, we will be able to create an exciting thesis work together with you, and see that your competence and passion are applied 200%.

For software development, we are mostly applying Java (Wicket), JQuery, Python or Ruby.

Thesis work is generally not paid, but top performing students will get an opportunity to continue working in various projects as trainees or be employed.
If you are interested, please submit your CV, transcript of study records, and cover letter pointing out which competences and experience you would like to apply and develop during thesis work, and why you are interested to be part of developing next generation healthcare apps.

Submit these documents to [email protected]


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