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Förslaget inkom 2011-10-11

Android based distributed fire detection system

Background: Present fire detection systems for homes are relatively primitive and they typically detect a fire based on the induced smoke. The Hudiksvall based company Fiberson has developed an optical cable sensor that detects heat. An application for such a system could be to wire the optical cable around a chimney to detect chimney fires at an earlier stage than today.
Home safety is an area that we expect will grow enormously in a near future, and Acreo has collaboration with the leading Swedish organizations within this area. Acreo’s role within the area is to keep track of existing state of the art solutions, and to integrate existing components and subsystems in novel ways into demonstrators that show proof-of-concept.
The project addresses an urgent need at Fiberson. It is based on an existing alarm sensor unit that either can detect heat or water leakage, depending of the kind of fiber attached to the alarm unit. It has an RS 232 interface and alarm relay outputs available today. It is a very practical project with an estimated time to market of 0-2 years. Cost issues and availability of existing components are therefore important factors here. The intention is furthermore to work with standards and open interfaces as much as possible.
Depending on interests and time, the following tasks need to be done within the area.
Tasks for the project worker:
• Overview, comparison, and categorization of existing distributed fire and water detection system solutions.
• Build a sensor system with building blocks that can trigger an activation of a fire alarm when the temperature exceeds a certain heat threshold.
• The alarm should be visualized on an Android smart phone and/or tablet as an app, which can either communicate directly with the sensor unit or via a sensor middleware.
• Evaluate the functionality of the “Fiber Optic Distributed Detection System ” system
o from a technical point of view: How well does the setup manage to alarm the end user in advance? When does the temperature have to exceed certain limit before an alarm should be sent.
o from a user perspective: What is the fastest and most reliable way to send and get a fire alarm ( is it thru SMS, E-mail, Android app or via sensor gate way)
Requirements: Android app programming, control systems, basic practical electronics construction, TCP/IP,
Involved organizations: Acreo, Fiberson, Mittuniversitetet. Mittuniversitet will have the academic responsibility, and the practical work will mainly be done at Acreo in Hudiksvall – but in close collaboration with Fiberson.


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