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Förslaget inkom 2011-12-15

Android app for sensor monitoring in the home

Project proposal: Android app for sensor monitoring in the home

Background: Sensors are invading our homes. Sensors that detect air quality, movements, electricity and water consumption, etc. With little exception these sensor systems including visualization devices are proprietary, but in order to simplify for the consumers and third party developers common platforms are necessary in the future.

This project will be carried out in a collaboration between Mittuniversitetet, the research institute Acreo, and with the Hudiksvall based company Sensagon. Sensagon has developed a system that shows the status for different items in the home on different panels. It shows whether windows and doors are closed or locked, or whether electrical appliances such as stove, iron or coffee-maker are turned off. One type of panel can be placed at e.g. the front door, and another panel is portable.

The aim of the project is to design an Android app that can visualize the information on an Android device (smart phone, pad). This includes retrieval of information from the Sensagon server. A part of the work will be a study of what kind of such open and standardized interfaces that exist or are appearing. The project should also create a user interface that is very simple to understand and use. Initially there will be only one way communication from the server to the Android device.

If time allows it should also be studied how the Sensagon system can be integrated into Mittuniversitetet’s MediaSense platform.

Tasks for the project worker:
• Overview, comparison, and categorization of standards that can be used towards the Sensagon server
• Retrieval of information from the Sensagon server
• Presentation of relevant information on an Android device (as an Android app)
• Designing a simple and attractive user interface on the Android device
• Investigate possible integration with the MediaSense platform

Requirements: Android app programming, TCP/IP, Java
Involved organizations: Acreo, Sensagon, Mittuniversitetet. Mittuniversitet will have the academic responsibility, and the practical work will mainly be done at Acreo in Hudiksvall – but in close collaboration with Sensagon.

Application procedure: Please send your application to: Olle.Johansson(at)acreo.se with subject line“Sensagon thesis application”. The mail should include a cover letter, CV, and transcript of academic records (studieintyg). Deadline 25 January 2012

Interviews and selection: From 26 January 2012
Project start: February 2012

More about the project and Acreo: The project will be performed at Acreo’s premises in Hudiksvall. A 10,000 SEK retribution will be paid at project completion. Acreo is one of Europe's top research companies providing breaking edge results within the field of electronics, optics and communication technology. Acreo values gender and ethnic diversity.

For more information: Tove Madsen (tove.madsen(at)acreo.se); phone: +46 8 632 7786


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