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Förslaget inkom 2012-01-03

Develop an iPhone app

We are a startup company which is developing a consumer product that requires a smart phone app. The first prototype will be on an iPhone but this app will later on also be converted to Android. The app will handle all user communication with the product, thus initial setup, control and supervision. In the final product the user shall be able to control the product anywhere via internet.

Your task is to design a user friendly interface for an iPhone that handles all communication with an embedded system, consisting of an ARM processor with Embedded Linux. The thesis work shall handle everything from defining how the user interface shall look like to writing all needed SW and verifying it in a real environment.

The first step is to define all necessary function to control the target system in a user friendly way. You shall then design the iPhone user interface and implement it in iOS SDK. It is essential that the user perceives the application as intuitive, professional and cool. The target system is design by other persons in the team. However task is to write all necessary drivers to set up the communication with the smart phone and define how the user parameters shall be down loaded to the target system. When the whole system, iPhone SW and embedded system SW, is finished you shall verify the robustness and user experience on a real system.

Below is a summary of the thesis work content.
• Make the design for the user interface (app definition statement, type of app, wire framing, design the user interface, design icons).
• Make a design specification of how the user parameters shall be down loaded to the target system and how needed parameters shall be uploaded to the iPhone.
• Implement the application in iOS SDK for iPhone 4s.
• Implement the drivers in the target system (Beagle board with embedded Linux)
• Verify the system with real hardware (hardware platform is already designed)
• Write final report

Key competence
• Good practical and theoretical knowledge in SW development
• C, Java and C++ programming
• SW design for smart phone apps (iOS SDK and Android SDK)
• iOS and Android knowledge
• Embedded system design
• Embedded Linux


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