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Förslaget inkom 2012-01-31

Master thesis project “Characterization of enzyme sensitive responsive hydrogel/lipid system for triggered release“

YKI, Institute for Surface Chemistry is the internationally leading industrial research institute in applied surface and colloid chemistry. Our mission is to transfer and develop innovations to customers in industrial sectors where surface chemistry plays an important role.

This project is part of CODIRECT, which aims at developing novel and inventive high performance vehicles for controlled delivery and release of active substances, for example in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Project description
In drug delivery the formulation design is crucial in order to protect the active substance from degradation but also to release the substance when it has reached the target tissue. The project involves basic characterisation of hydrogel/lipid films designed to protect the carrier material and encapsulated substances from degradation and promote release of active upon interaction with enzymes present in the intestine. A method to build-up the film will be developed and the structural properties of the layer will be characterized. In addition, studies on release of model substances from mesoporous particles coated by these films in presence of relevant enzymes will be performed.

The student will have an access the research facilities of both YKI and at Royal Institute of technology to combine basic science with application driven research. This degree project is covering 30 credits, the equivalent of 20 weeks of full time study. Student of chemistry program with specialization in biomolecular technology, pharmaceutical technology or polymer technology are welcome to apply.

The project starts as soon as possible, preferably February 2012.

CODIRECT is an Institute Excellence Centre hosted by YKI, the Institute for Surface Chemistry. The aim of CODIRECT is to create a Centre of Excellence within the strategic area of controlled delivery and release, recognized for both scientific excellence and industrial importance. The Centre provides a forum where industry and academia join the institute to tackle fundamental issues and specific industrial problems within the controlled delivery and release field. CODIRECT is sponsored by the Swedish funding agencies VINNOVA, Knowledge Foundation and Swedish Foundation for Strategic research as well as international industries such as Kraft Foods, AkzoNobel, Colgate-Palmolive and Procter and Gamble.

Dr. Lovisa Ringstad
Institute for Surface Chemistry
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Stockholm, Sweden

Tel: +46 10 516 60 17,
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