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Förslaget inkom 2012-02-13

Masters Thesis: Sentiment analysis

Over the last couple of years Social Media has grown extremely fast and has become a very important way of communicating with people you know, as well as with people you don’t know. Web sites like Facebook, Twitter have huge amounts of visitors each day, and everyone can now spread their opinions and news in their own blog.
This new channel of communication has become increasingly interesting for companies to monitor to see what is said about them and to meet any complaints that are made. At the same time it has become increasingly difficult to do this, since the amount of data is extremely large, and it is very easy to miss important information.
Lissly wants to change this. We help companies monitor Social Media and present the information for the viewers in several different ways. For Lissly’s clients it is also very important to quickly be able to find the positive and negative mentions of their brand, so they can act upon the info. In order to assist our clients in that work we want to add Sentiment analysis as a tool in our portfolio.

A lot of research has been made and is being made in the field of Sentiment analysis. The goal of this Masters Thesis is to investigate what has been done in the area, analyze the algorithms available, and make a prototype implementation to analyze the data collected by Lissly.
One of the challenges in the project is that the texts collected vary greatly in length. A Tweet is very short; usually a single sentence, but a blog entry can be several pages long.
The work is expected to be performed mainly in Lissly’s offices in central Stockholm.

• Sentiment analysis
• Data mining
• Effective programming in perl and/or C++.

Contact information
For questions or application please contact Lissly’s COO Jonas Castegren on [email protected].

About Lissly
Lissly was founded in Stockholm, Sweden during the fall of 2010, by four visionaries who identified the need for a social media monitoring tool. They set out to create a tool, which could successfully find and collect all relevant information at the local market level. Sweden became the first market and Swedish the focal language.
The company is run by its owners and driven by an entrepreneurial vision of excellence and applicability. This vision consists of everyone – regardless of need – being able to take part in the spectacular digital world which is social media!

This is realized by offering a user-friendly, intuitive and playful tool, which can be used in the simplest of tasks to the most advanced analysis. All this at an affordable price without hidden costs or a concealed asterisk, and with a dedicated and client-oriented focus, which we never deviate from.

Our office is located at Sturegatan 58 in central Stockholm – but our clients are spread all over Sweden. We proudly assist and interact with more than fifty customers, ranging from multinational entities to small mom and pop businesses, making sure that these organizations have a productive relationship to social media.

Scope: 30 hp (approx 6 month)

Send your application to [email protected] in swedish or english.

attach CV, personal letter and official transcript.


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