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Förslaget inkom 2012-02-13

Analyzing content demand patterns in IP access networks

Background: Celtic IPNQSIS (http://ipnqsis.org) is a European research project with the aim of developing monitoring systems for studying the behaviour of Quality of Experience (QoE) through analysis of network and service performance and their impact on end customers. A part of the project is to analyze traffic in live IP access networks, in order to gain knowledge of traffic patterns and user behavior. Parameters of interest are e.g. applications used, traffic load, usage patterns etc. In this particular master project, the purpose is to investigate traffic traces with the aim of analyzing content demands patterns. Parameters such as cacheability and locality of usage will be investigated. Caching of content in the access network, closer to the end users is a possible strategy for offloading core network links and providing better performance for end users.
Tasks for the project worker:
• Analyze state of the art in contend demand patterns
• Analyze existing caching strategies
• Analyze traffic traces, to investigate detailed content demands and locality for some selected Internet services
Requirements: Linux, linux admin, databases sql, networks - ethernet/IP, programming (e.g. C, C++, python)
Application procedure: Please send your application to: jie.li(at)acreo.se
Use the subject: Analyzing content demand patterns
Please include your Cover letter, CV, transcript of academic record (studieintyg) by 24 February 2012.
Interviews and selection: 27 February 2012
Project start: Mars 2012
More about the project and Acreo: The project will be performed at Acreo’s premises in Kista. A 10.000 SEK retribution will be paid at project completion. Acreo is one of Europe's top research companies providing breaking edge results within the field of electronics, optics and communication technology. Acreo values gender and ethnic diversity.
For more information: Jie Li (jie.li(at)acreo.se) phone: +46 632 7746 or Tove Madsen (tove.madsen(at)acreo.se); phone: +46 8 632 7786


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