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Förslaget inkom 2012-02-21

Future collaboration and interaction techniques for marine systems

ABB Corporate Research, Västerås is one of the 7 ABB research centers world-wide, with 200 employees, supporting the operating companies by furnishing them with fundamental research, new technologies and innovative solutions for future product generations. The fields covered at ABB Corporate Research, Västerås, includes both power and automation technology. ABB Corporate Research has extensive collaborations with leading universities and research institutes within the EU and world-wide.

Thesis Background
Today, modern Marine vessels such as cargo ships, drill rigs and cruise ships depend on the use of a number of information systems when voyaging across the waters between harbors. These systems are typically legacy systems with standardized mouse-and-keyboard interaction and have functions developed without much concern for the context in which they would be used. We believe that these systems could be greatly improved by making use of state-of the-art interaction and collaboration techniques and adapting them to the needs of the users and the context in which they belong.

For this thesis project, we would like you to develop new interaction ideas and collaboration approaches to facilitate everyday planning, operation, monitoring and optimization tasks onboard marine vessels. Modern user interface techniques like mobile devices, tablets, 3D, augmented reality, multi-touch and others can be possible alternatives for solving these different challenges.

We hope that by utilizing these techniques we can enhance the user experience and help the users of such systems perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Thesis Goal
The goal of this master thesis is to develop new interaction and collaboration concepts to be used onboard ships. Based on a user study the thesis will investigate how technologies like multi-touch, 3D and visualization techniques can be used to solve challenges in the marine industry. The thesis work will be a part of a user-centered design process, where the focus is on building solutions for real user needs.

• Based on user studies and existing interaction technologies, develop a concept that makes users more effective in their work.
• Implement a prototype for a touch capable device (for example, Multi-touch table, iPad, iPhone or an Android device) to demonstrate how the concept would work in practice.
• Evaluate the prototype and conclude the user experience of the concept.

Requested Competence
The thesis is suitable for 2 master thesis students with the following competence:
• M.Sc in Computer Science and interest in Interaction Design and Human-Computer Interaction.
• Knowledge (and preferably experience) of developing in C# .Net, and WPF
• Knowledge (and preferably experience) of developing Web services.
• Communication and presentation skills in English are essential.
• Independent, outgoing, ambitious, and goal-oriented are qualities we are looking for.


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