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Förslaget inkom 2012-02-22

Access & Roles Managment within Product/Part Description area

Scania and R&D needs to manage access to information and business applications scattered across a large number of different systems and provide such access for a fast growing number of users of different character. Therefore it is necessary to apply a common access model to ensure that authorized users get access to the information they need to perform, and that those not authorized are prevented from accessing information they must not be able to access. This to be able to secure that right person access right data information at right way/time.

Applications within PDM/CAD area is used daily by users from R&D, purchasing, market and production to get a comprehensive look of the product structure, engineering change orders, part-information, documentations etc. Dealing with such applications used by many users and from different departments need to have a very flexible and advanced permission/access management and related authorizations model allowing detailed control over what each user can access/view.

CAD/PDM areas is today unfortunately facing a challenging situation with trying to maintain and administrate accesses on the CAD/PDM platform. There is unfortunately at the moment limitations and a lack of control over the usage and distribution of the information in our applications, related archives and folders holds. We also facing issues with defining guidelines on who has legitimate authority to access which information and why. Without a proper management of the roles and related authorizations systems are open to misuse which will lead to potential loss of availability, confidentiality, integrity of systems and information.

We need to be able to assure that all producers and consumers on the CAD/PDM platform globally – not only at R&D, always maintain the correct and sufficient information to be able to work efficiently. The administration of accesses today is unfortunately facing a lack of time-wasting but it is also handled inaccurate.

Project Idea
The project idea assumes to secure proper management of the roles and related authorizations and information Integrity within application used in CAD/PDM area. Identity and access management arrangements shall be established to provide effective and consistent user administration, authentication and access control across the entire company organisation. To achieve a common way we need to have new adaptation and restructure our access model in a different way. The main objective is to ensure that identity and access management within mentioned area is efficiently managed.

Assignment Description

Investigate today’s picture of how the access and roles management is handled area and pin-point the main gaps within this area.
Investigate the needs of guide professionals with interviews.
Define a future vision based on coordination’s between different departments aiming to achieve a common model.
Develop a framework for how proper management of the roles and related authorizations should be handled within PDM/CAD area.
Create a future demo-model for how an access model should be managed, maintained, and supported on a long-term base.

Number of thesis workers: 2

Duration: 15 hp (3 months)

Contact persons and supervisor:
Michael Thel, UTIP, Manager, [email protected]
Contact person:
Alex Elias, Business Maintenance Manager, [email protected]

The deadline for applications: 2012-03-20

Application should be marked with FU12-10 and send to Gunilla Åbrink via e-mail: [email protected] with attached CV, personal letter and transcript of records


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