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Förslaget inkom 2012-02-27

Thesis project Volvo Aero

Background of thesis project

The proposed project involves calibration of radiometric thermometry measurements on superalloys and titanium alloys for use in robotized welding and metal deposition. Non-contact methods for measuring temperatures of superalloys within high power laser processing are essential for advancing towards fully automated robotized metal deposition. The scope of the project will include further development of established methods of calibration as well as practical calibration of measurements on superalloys.

Suitable background
Mechanical / Physicist / Materials Engineer

Description of thesis work:
Temperature measurement calibration solutions for aerospace alloys in laser metal processing
The superalloy Inconel 718 and the titanium alloy Ti-6al-4v is used in some high temperature parts in jet engines. New weight saving fabrication strategies utilizes metal deposition techniques for these materials. Such a method is developed by Volvo Aero together with University West. In order to establish reliable and flexible processes it is required to actively monitor and control the metal deposition process. One of the essential parameters which have to be monitored in order to avoid crack formation is temperature. The metal deposition process relies on laser welding equipment and an industrial robot. Due to practical limitations, contacting temperature measurements are not viable for monitoring temperature in an industrial context. Methods have been established for measuring temperature with pyrometers based on emissivity calibration curves created using thermocouples as references.

Scope of work
The M.Sc.-student will work with high temperature measurements on Inconel 718 and titanium alloy Ti-6al-4v up to the material’s melting temperature. It will require selection of thermocouples with respect to formation of alloys and their respective melting temperatures as well as practical calibration measurements on heated material. Possibilities of methodology improvements will be investigated and evaluated by the thesis worker.

• Good programming skills in MATLAB and LabVIEW
• Elementary knowledge in material’s science, temperature measurements and general measurement technology
• Good skills in both written and oral English

Practical issues
The work will be carried out at Production Technology Center in Trollhättan, Sweden. The thesis work will be supervised by university staff and carried out in close cooperation with the thesis sponsor Volvo Aero Corporation.

Thesis Level: Master

Language: English

Starting date: February/March 2012

Number of students:1

For further information, please contact:
Michael Karlson, Volvo Aero Corporation, Trollhättan
+46 520 292342

Petter Hagqvist, University West, Trollhättan
+46 520 223288

Please apply at www.volvogroup.com/career and jobs


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