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Förslaget inkom 2012-03-05

Quality of Experience for 2D or 3D video

TV or video delivered via Internet also known as over-the-top, is gaining in popularity as a alternative technique to watch TV at home or simply a way to see video only available on the Internet. The service provider are interest in monitoring the quality of the video service, as the end user perceives it. Another recent trend is 3D video that are becoming more and more available. Acreo is studying various aspects of how to estimate the perceived user experience of both 2D and 3D video delivered over IP networks.

* No-reference video quality monitoring *
No-reference metrics are the only practical option for monitoring of 2D video quality in live networks. In order to decrease the development time, it might be possible to use full-reference metrics for this purpose. A work has been initiated along these lines already and the thesis work would be to further develop the methodology and evaluate the scheme in live networks.
* QoE model assisted video delivery with scalable video codecs *
Scalable video codecs are commercially available and used by e.g. SVT and TV4 for the play services. A scalable video codec can adjust its quality and bandwidth requirement based on the network conditions. This Master thesis work would study a couple of available video codecs and investigate how they could be controlled using monitoring of the network conditions and the application of QoE models.
* Comparison of user experience of 2D vs 3D video conference *
Alkit communication has developed a demonstration system for 3D video conference. They already have a commercial system for 2D video conference. The Master thesis work will investigate the user experience of the new 3D video conference system compared to the older 2D one. The work may involve setting the system up to communicate with the Alkit office in Gothenburg.


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