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Förslaget inkom 2012-03-05

Stereoskopisk videokommunikation

Alkit Communcations AB and Acreo are looking for two MSc students for an MSc thesis project regarding stereoscopic video communication, i.e. video communication supporting true depth perception.

In an ongoing research project, Alkit Communications AB has developed a prototype stereoscopic video communication system, whereby 3D videoconferences can be realized. The system is based on multiple cameras and autostereoscopic displays, i.e. displays that can render stereoscopic video without need for any eyewear. Acreo, a Swedish research institute with strong competence in subjective video testing, is going to launch a study of stereoscopic videoconferencing based on Alkit’s system.

The intention is to have two MSc students, one in Gothenburg (at Alkit in Mölndal) and one in Stockholm (at Acreo in Kista), who will work together to evaluate the stereoscopic videoconferencing system through subjective tests. The system will thus be tested and evaluated in a real network, between Mölndal and Kista. The testing will include comparisons with traditional (2D) videoconferencing, experiments with different levels of video quality and different physical equipment configurations.
In addition to the testing and evaluation work, the project also includes some programming and equipment configuration work intended to refine and optimize the prototype system, which is not yet a finished product. This includes user interface design and development of mechanisms to achieve eye-contact between the users of the system. The goal of the project is to arrive at a solution where 3D videoconferencing is perceptually preferable to traditional videoconferencing.
The prerequisites for the work are knowledge about digital video technology, good knowledge about computer networks and IP communication, basic programming skills (mainly in C) and a strong interest in experimental work, as well as how the system is experienced by the users. The candidates do not need to have the same profile in both places. If a candidate has a more technical and network oriented profile in one location, the other could have more experimental and human experience oriented profile in the other.


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