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Förslaget inkom 2010-01-07

Application development on microfluidic multiple cell patch-clamp system

Cellectricon AB in Mölndal looks for a diploma worker with a background in biochemistry, cell biology, pharmaceutics, biotech engineering, biochemical engineering or other education with connection to these areas. The diploma work will be conducted during the spring of 2010.
Cellectricon is a small technology developer targeting the pharmaceutical research and screening markets. Since 2002 have we released a number of products based on combining microtechnology with cell biology applications, specifically communicating with or manipulating cells by electricity. We are just releasing Dynaflow-HT: a novel automated system producing full dose response curves for compounds acting on ion-channel receptors with a high throughput. As a part of this concept we are also developing an alternative version of this system – Dynaflow-UHT. This is based on the same platform, but aimed for highly increased throughput for simpler experiments such as single compound exposures with or without internal control, or sparse dose response curves.
The overall goal of this diploma work is, as a part of our R&D-team, develop applications for our prototype aimed at screening compounds on both ligand- and voltage-gated ion-channels. The work will consist of running experiments on our patch-clamp chip prototype system, finding parameters to optimize the conditions to achieve good recordings on cells and determining the application protocols for various compounds. Another large part will also be to find ways to analyze the large amounts of data and extracting relevant information for compound screening from each parallel experiment. The work in our R&D-team will also include cell culturing of cell lines carrying relevant receptors for these applications, and further technology development of the system.
We are looking for a person who feels at home in the lab, and can conduct independent laboratory work after an introductive education. We have no specific demands on your education background, but a genuine interest in cell based assays or biosensor technology is positive. Previous experience of lab work is qualifying.
The diploma work will extend twenty weeks / one full term with a start in January 2010. The work will be conducted at our main facilities in Mölndal.
Supervisors for the project will be Fredrik Pettersson and Mattias Karlsson at Cellectricon AB.
Extent: 20 weeks / one term


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