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Förslaget inkom 2006-10-30

Design of mobile On Device Portal

GEX is a middleware platform designed to service the needs of content publishers, mobile operators and media service providers. The server side architecture has been extensively re-engineered over the last 2 years, and the result is an operator grade, scaleable and high availability solution.

Gamefederation will now continue its product development strategy by researching GEXs ability to service an immerging mobile service platform.

A new ODP framework
End users currently access GEX services through mobile applications using the proprietary GEX API, via the mobile internet using WAP, and the fixed internet. While WAP has progressed from its original WML limitations, the current xhtml solution is not considered optimal.

The industry is now moving to a more flexible and dynamic solution, commonly referred to as ODP, or On Device Portal. Orange, Vodafone, DoCoMo and Sprint have already deployed this type of solution to their customers.

Gamefederation intends to develop an ODP framework that will service the needs of its clients. The framework must be designed to support easy porting between the different mobile operation systems/programming languages (the targets are Java, Flashlite, Symbian and Brew.)

The framework will need to address and solve the following issues :-
• Be skinable, to support the design needs of the different customers
• Be localised, to support the language needs of the different customers
• Support data streaming
• Include advance location based services
• Support presence
• Support advanced features of MIDP 2.0, but will also be MIDP 1.0 compliant.

Framework deployment
The framework will initially be deployed in two different offerings. The first is a sales portal, designed to provide a compelling sales environment for mobile content. The second is a Game room (Lobby,) designed to give the end user access to gaming services like sessions, chat, high score tables, challenges, competitions etc.

Work Involved
You will be required to:-
• Design a flexible and robust application framework that can be implemented on both MIDP 1.0 and MIDP 2.0 devices, for programming languages Java, Symbian, Brew and Flash lite.
• Develop two proof-of-concept applications using this frame work
• Optimise the solution to support data caching and data compression
• Implement data security using SSL or encryption as appropriate for the target platform.


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