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Förslaget inkom 2008-05-30

M.Sc. Thesis in Solid Mechanics-Packaging Technology

One basic demand on a package is that it must be able to protect its contents. Many products are transported over long distances and are exposed to great stresses. The packages must protect against shocks and impacts, cold, heat, rain, bacterial attacks and other stresses. Product losses and damage incur economic losses and bad-will and are also a waste of resources.
A packaging system has to fulfil a number of different requirements throughout the supply chain. All different requirements shall be met by the performance of the packaging. The performance, on the other hand, is related to one ore more properties of the packaging, e. g. mechanical properties such as stiffness and strength or barrier properties to protect the product from climate variations or biochemical impact.
Prediction of the packaging performance using traditional engineering tools based on mathematical modelling is in general demanding since the packaging is subjected to complex time-dependent loadings. To circumvent this problem full-scale testing is an important tool in packaging design. The Packaging Test Laboratory at STFI-Packforsk AB is one of the leading companies for packaging testing and development of new advanced test methods in order to reduce costs for trade and industry. Refined test methods also give important knowledge and support the development of packaging material properties.
To improve the efficiency in packaging design it would be highly desirable to combine testing with modelling and analysis. This will increase the understanding of the performance of the packaging, but also enable development of analytical design methods.
The objective of this M.Sc. thesis project is to perform a detailed analysis of the mechanical behaviour of a specific packaging testing system at STFI-Packforsk AB. The analyses will include the static as well as the dynamic behaviour of the packaging, and will be carried out using analytical methods as well as numerical tools such as the finite element method.
The thesis project preliminary involves the following activities:
1. Design of packaging test set-up
2. Data collection from real-time testing
3. Analysis of test data
4. Development of model of the packaging test set-up
5. Simulation of packaging performance during testing
6. Evaluation and comparison of experiments and numerical results
7. Preparation of written report
Contact persons
Thomas Trost
STFI-Packforsk AB
Tel. +46 8 676 7087
[email protected]
Sören Östlund
KTH, Department of Solid Mechanics
Tel. +46 8 790 7542
[email protected]


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