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Förslaget inkom 2007-01-18

Environmental Implications of Logistics at SKF

The multinational manufacturing company SKF has activities in several parts of the world, and their suppliers, clients and production sites are located worldwide. The logistics system of the company is large and complex, which means that the number of transports of the company’s goods is great. The environmental impact from such a system is also large and corresponds to a significant part of SKF’s total environmental impact.

Two students are required for this project. They will work together but contribute with different competence. The second stage of the project is divided into two streams, one for each student. Collaboration will be essential for the success of this project.

The first stage of the project aims to identify transport activities at SKF. The most effort will be put into the transportation to the SKF production sites from their suppliers, as the transports from SKF to customers are already rather well-known.

The second stage is divided into two streams, one for each student. One stream will be an environmental assessment of the current logistics system at SKF. The other stream will relate the business models used at SKF with the logistics system.

In the final stage, connections between business models and greenhouse gas emissions of the logistics system will be identified. An analysis of external factors affecting the future conditions for transport of goods. The results are intended to be used as an input to the strategy discussions at SKF.

The thesis will be a joint project between the Division of Environmental Systems Analysis at Chalmers and the Sustainability group at SKF headquarters in Göteborg. The academic supervisors will be Karl Jonasson and/or Örjan Lundberg. For further information and/or expression of interest do not hesitate to contact us.

It is desired that the student applying for this thesis has strong knowledge in logistics or environmental and sustainability analysis. Knowledge in both areas will be beneficial. The thesis is intended for two collaborating students. However, single applicants might also be considered if they are willing to collaborate with other single applicants.

Örjan Lundberg [email protected] 031-772 2170

Karl Jonasson [email protected] 031-772 8601


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