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Förslaget inkom 2007-10-02

Search Engine Thesaurus - Master Thesis at SixSteps AB

About SixSteps

SixSteps AB has developed a new type of xml based Information Server called Capish. Capish Information Server is targeted to handle dispersed and complex information. SixSteps has developed a new way to look at information, which enables immediate integration of new information sources of different types, without the need for the time consuming and costly systems development that today is needed. SixSteps has a number of products, all targeted at complex information management. Today, SixSteps is mainly addressing pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

The Master Thesis

The search engines on the market are developing quickly. New features greatly improve the experiences and abilities of users to searching and finding information. One such feature is the thesaurus.

A thesaurus is a list of known words and their connection to other words. Based on a thesaurus, a search query can be corrected or suggested to be complemented.

E.g. Google has some thesaurus rules and gives the searcher suggestions of search queries that could generate more search results. The following searches in Google illustrate this:
• Search for beleive. Google suggests - Did you mean: believe
• Search for Good lucky. Google suggests - Did you mean: Good luck

The Master Thesis will consist of:
• Theory of thesauruses. What different kinds of thesauruses exist? How do thesauruses work to give good suggestions of complementary or more correct words?
• Look at the available thesaurus tools and products on the market.
• Develop a thesaurus platform, based on the theory and any eventually found suitable tool, adjusted for the specific needs for our Capish Information Server.
• If time allows, also look into the user perspective of the feedback from a thesaurus.

We are looking for a student in computer science or similar. We think that our research intensive master thesis will attract a person who is interested in theory as well as in programming.

Please contact:
Gil Roitto
[email protected]
046 286 42 10


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