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Förslaget inkom 2007-06-14

Applying Knowledge Based Engineering to manage Aftermarket requirements

Important aspects of Commercial Vehicle business are up time for vehicle operators, lower costs for warrantees, and an effective spare parts assortment. With the overall responsibility for the product design focussed at the Product Development department(s), the aftermarket business mainly acts as the point of reference in these issues, and today virtual design reviews relating to aftermarket requirements are performed in the product development projects on a regular basis. In pre-study and concept study phases, engineers from Aftermarket usually provide their feedback on what is made available for them by the designers, but aftermarket inputs are often brought into the design process at too late a stage to make serious impact. Manifesting the Aftermarket requirements to the designers at an earlier stage could be valuable in this respect.

Design Automation or Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) solutions are interesting in this scenario as both cost eliminators and productivity boosters as the Aftermarket requirements could be brought to the attention of the designer when doing the product design. It is also cost-efficient compared to having Aftermarket experts analysing design solutions using visualization tools at a later stage. However, it is today not clear how to formulate and structure the Aftermarket requirements to fit KBE models. The focus of the thesis work would then be to map the abilities of the KBE tools to the requirements being put on a product design by Aftermarket, for upstream use.

Another area of interest to Aftermarket is the KBE tools for Aftermarket, i.e. applying KBE tools not only in the upstream scenarios but also implementing them in the Aftermarket processes; examples of such use could be to aid in the (post-product design) rationalization of spare parts assortment or to aid in the definition of virtual maintenance methods. This later scenario is not the main focus of the thesis but could become an extension point depending on the outcome of other activities.

The scope of the thesis work could be:
- Investigation of capabilities of KBE tools
- Mapping of Aftermarket requirements suitable for a KBE approach
- Define what an Aftermarket requirement should look like when mapped to the KBE tools
- Create a (written) model for use by Aftermarket specialists on how to formulate and structure requirements to be mapped to KBE models
- Create a demonstrator model for Aftermarket work with KBE requirements (KBE design for Aftermarket)

Suitable background for students:
M.Sc student in Mechanical Engineering (M), Automation & Mechatronics Engineering (Z) or Industrial Design Engineering (TD) with strong interest in CAD and PDM. Experience from using either Catia V5 or Pro/Engineer is recommended. English in speaking & writing.


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