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Förslaget inkom 2007-05-31

Investigation of software architectures for development of web clients

Master degree thesis opportunity at Spotfire Sweden
Effective immediately Spotfire AB in Göteborg has the opportunity to offer two skilled students an interesting and challenging master degree thesis opportunity (20p).

The introduction of development toolkits and web runtime environments like Adobe Flex/Flash and Microsoft WPF/E promises great opportunities in regards of the possibility to develop web based client server applications.

The thesis research will involve an investigation of different methods for implementation of an interactive analysis environments where parts of the analysis work is done in a client side run time environment that is tightly coupled with a server . A previous thesis work has successfully developed an architecture for using an AJAX based client for the same purpose.

This project should focus on:
• different techniques for reducing the server load
• improving the development productivity by targeting a stable platform that is executed as a web browser plug-in and behaves the same regardless of the host environment
• simplify debugging compared to debugging of HTML and java script
Expected content of the research
We expect that the following will be part of the work involved in the research:
• Investigation of existing platforms for development of interactive applications executing inside a web browser; i.e. Adobe FLEX/Flash and Microsoft WPF/E
• Design, usability testing and implementation of a new front-end for the Spotfire DXP web experience, based on one of these platforms

Expected student background
We anticipate that the work involved in the research will require a strong background in Computer Science and in Human Computer Interaction Research.

The work involved will require good knowledge in:
• Data visualization
• Algorithms
• Programming (C#)
• Usability studies

Work location
The work will be performed at Spotfires offices in Göteborg, Sweden

Contact information
Inquiries and applications for this thesis project can be sent to [email protected] More information about the company can be found at http://www.spotfire.com .


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