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Förslaget inkom 2007-10-22

Static Parallelization of Software for CPP (aw)

This Master's thesis project is an initial study where the possibilities for automatic parallelization of software, executing on Ericsson's CPP platform, are investigated. This platform supports an event-driven kind of execution, where an event gives rise to execution of a certain piece of code. The issue is if such event handlers can be executed in parallel or not. One way of handling this is to already at compile time find which parts of memory that an event handler possibly can touch: if these parts are disjoint, for two event handlers, then they can be executed in parallel without any memory protection or synchronization.

The goal with the project is to do an initial investigation of the possibilities to parallellize code for the CPP-platform statically in this way. The work naturally divides into two parts:

- a study of the current run-time system of the CPP platform. The way this run-time system works greatly influences how the current event handlers work. Parallel execution of these must not change the behavior of the system.

- an initial study of how apt the code that is run on the platform is for this kind of static parallelization. How easy is it to find the different parts in memory that can possibly be accessed by an event handler? The code is written in C++, which can give difficulties due to the presence of features like pointers, and virtual methods. How common are such constructs in typical code for the platform? Parts of the code are automatically generated: how does this affect the aptitude for parallelization?

The MSc thesis project can be done by one or two students.

The project is carried out in cooperation with Ericsson. Parts of the project might be done at Ericsson.

Prerequisites: good knowledge in theory of programming languages, discrete mathematics, and good knowledge of programming. Knowledge of C++. The MSc thesis project is research oriented: interest and aptitude for research is therefore desirable.

Organization: Dept. of Computer Science and Electronics, Mälardalen University (Mälardalens högskola)


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