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Förslaget inkom 2007-09-21

Development and implementation of real-time architecture and framework for stabilized satellite terminal

SatPoint AB is a small company located in Kista, Stockholm that works with providing satellite communication for vessels (passenger ships, cargo ships etc). The business is divided in two branches:

1. Satellite communication systems for marine vessels. This generally
involves deploying, overseeing and maintaining a communication
system on a ship, as well as the supporting infra structure at the
earth station.

Such a system is often comprised of a stabilized satellite terminal;
a satellite modem, routers and GSM base stations. This then gives
crew and passengers access to internet as well as a local GSM system
for their mobile phones at sea.

2. Development of a proprietary stabilized satellite terminal, i.e. a
satellite dish that is oriented by electrical motors so that it
points towards the satellite regardless of the motions of the

We now have two possible MSc Thesis Projects related to the second branch, i.e. continued development of our stabilized satellite terminal.
The work involves a mixture of R&D and product development.

The projects could be titled as follows:
1. Development and implementation of real-time architecture and
framework for the antenna controller
2. Development, implementation and test of a tracking control algorithm to be used in the above framework.

The projects are co-dependent, and could possibly be combined into a
single thesis project for a pair of MSc candidates.

Both projects have the following in common:

* Work will primarily take place in Kista, Skalholtsgatan 2
(same building as Ångpanneföreningen). Some experiments may be
conducted in the field (at sea).

* The projects can start this summer

* You will be payed 35000 SEK for the project

* The documentation language is English

* Development is confidential, a non-disclosure agreement will be

Some suitable skills and background for project number one:
* Computer science
* Experience with Linux and Linux drivers
* Very good programmer (C)
* Strong interested in real-time systems

Some suitable skills for project number two:
* Teknisk fysik or Farkost
* Experience with Simulink or similar systems
* Interested in design of control system
* Strong theoretical control knowledge

If you want a tough MSc thesis project that gives you a challenge as
well as a chance to continue after the project, please contact us for
further details. Please note that communications with us are also to
be considered confidential.

Contact information:
Christian Ridderström, Development Manager
+46 (0)70 687 39 44
chr _AT_ satpoint.se


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