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Förslaget inkom 2007-08-09

Global Thesis project: eCollaboration strategy for IT Services in AstraZeneca

Talented University students in IS and Business, this is an opportunity to write a thesis on eCollaboration within AstraZeneca. We are looking for one student each based in the following countries UK, US, Sweden, China & France.
Your arena:
AstraZeneca is one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, with a broad range of medicines designed to fight disease in important areas of healthcare. Backed by strong science and wide-ranging commercial skills, we are committed to sustainable development of our business and the delivery of a flow of new medicines that make a difference in the lives of patients and create value for our shareholders and wider society. We are active in over 100 countries with growing presence in important emerging markets; corporate office in London UK; major R&D sites in Sweden, the UK and the US.
Doing this thesis at AstraZeneca is an opportunity to get a first-hand inside view of the IT service in a large, global company in the health care business. You will have a unique chance to participate in a truly global project, network with great people, enjoy an open work atmosphere and make an important contribution in the improvements of our AstraZeneca eCollaboration for IT Services.
Your Role:
We intend to form a team with students from five countries. You will be stationed in your country and the team of students will work together using AstraZeneca current collaborative tools and/or tools they have available. We anticipate a final face-to-face meeting in US to bring this team together and present to AstraZeneca on their findings. As part of this thesis, they would bring new ideas related to collaboration and their experience on how they were able to collaborate among themselves to form this thesis.
A strategy document should be produced and presented latest in December 2007. The strategy should look at the following collaborative capabilities: Collaborative Workspaces/Workflow, Instant Messaging, Presence Awareness, and Social Networking. Recommendations should be based on AstraZeneca business requirements, related initiatives/projects and consider compliance, retention and legal impact. The recommendations must also provide best practice guidelines on usage based on AstraZeneca business scenarios.
Included as part of the thesis, the team is required to document their experience collaborating using AstraZeneca current toolset as well as any other tools they required to collaborate. The thesis will be presented to the AstraZeneca eCollaboration team and is carried out according to AstraZeneca secrecy agreement.
Timeframe and scope: Start latest 3rd week in August. Final presentation latest December.
Local information for the Swedish roles (two students):
Organisation: IT Services. Location: Södertälje, Sweden.
Remuneration will be paid after completed theses project. Sweden: SEK 25 000
We pay for the travel and expenses during travels. Note that you need to provide your own travel insurance.
You are a master student in Science/Economics/IS. Ideally we are looking for a mix of IS background and business oriented background. We will match the applicants.
More information
For more information about this theses project, contact Marybeth H Ferrante (based in Wilmington, US) phone +1 302 886 3096
To apply, send letter + CV (in English) to [email protected] no later than August 6. Tag the mail with eCollaboration Strategy.


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