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Förslaget inkom 2007-09-21

Master’s Thesis Project in Image Processing: Reading Two-dimensional Bar Codes


Bar codes have a number of applications, from the simple EAN bar codes used in the register at the supermarket to more advanced two-dimensional bar codes that can be printed on business cards and in magazines and that can contain web-links and other information.

In Japan two-dimensional bar codes have been used for quite some time. So called QR-codes were originally created for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, these bar codes have entered the mobile industry through the proliferation of camera phones and bar code reading software. Applications include fast retrieval of contact information from business cards and reading web links to advertisements in magazines. However, the technology can also be used the other way around, where train tickets or VIP-invitations can be sent using picture messaging to the mobile phone. A QR-reader at the train or at the club can then verify the identity of the ticket-holder.

The subject of the Master’s Thesis project is to investigate and compare different bar code systems. One interesting aspect is the relative information density of one-dimensional vs. two-dimensional bar codes for a given error-rate. Another goal is to also come up with new variants or improvements for two-dimensional bar codes that are suitable for implementation on mobile phones.


We are looking for a person that is skilled in Mathematics, Image Processing, and preferably also in Information Theory. She/he should be fluent in C/C++, and knowledge of MATLAB is also a plus. If you are looking for a Master’s Thesis project with a research twist, this is the right one. Applicants from a Master of Science program (civilingenjörsprogram or similar) in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering or Engineering Physics are preferred.

Who we are

Multimedia Technology is a department within Ericsson Research where research about different media types such as audio, images and video is carried out. Visual technology is a subgroup, and here we deal with visual media such as still image processing/coding, video coding and computer graphics for mobile phones and networks. The thesis work will be carried out in Kista, Stockholm.


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