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Förslaget inkom 2008-02-21

Thesis project for engineers and economists: Learning curves for Biomass Gasification

Gasification is a generic technology that can be used for liquid, solid and gaseous feedstocks. Traditionally coal, oil residues and natural gas is used to produce a high calorific gas which main components are hydrogen and carbon monoxide in different quantities. The gas, called syngas, is a main component in the chemical industry to produce ammonia, methanol etc but also for heat and power applications. There is also an increased interest in using the syngas to produce synthetic fuels such as Fischer Tropsch diesel and DME.

However, since the use of fossil based feedstocks contributes to climate change there is an increased interest to use biomass instead. There is a lot of experience on biomass gasification but only few of the potential applications are today commercial.

In the project the commercialisation progress of biomass gasification will be investigated. It will be done by examining the collective experience and learning process with biomass gasification from 1970 and onwards. The desired outcome is that technology learning curves for the different applications can be plotted and compared with conventional technologies. Technology learning curves is a powerful tool for policy formulation. It is used to estimate the cost and time for non-commercial technologies to become cost competitive.

There are several benefits for you as a thesis student working with this project:
- You will learn important tools that are useful for both private and public policy makers
- You will learn an important technology field that will be of great importance in the efforts to mitigate climate change.
- You will have the opportunity to work closely with a research group where your work is viewed as a very important contribution.

We are looking for two students with a combined knowledge of economics or industrial engineering with chemistry or mechanical engineering. We would prefer if you have written something on technology policy before but it is not a requirement.


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