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Förslaget inkom 2007-11-12

Mirroring Digital Identities (two proposals)

We have proposed a visualization tool for mirroring social and professional identities of individuals based on large and heterogeneous data sets spread over numerous sources. The tool will be designed to provide an interactive user experience allowing the user to explore different social and professional identities of individuals. In particular, the design will allow users to trace what information, and from which sources, that was used to propose a particular digital identity. This work is motivated by the massive amount of personal information nowadays being collected, processed, and stored by information and communication technologies (ICT) used in professional and everyday life of many people. This large body of available personal information opens for innovative applications motivated by a need of for example finding professionals with a suitable profile in large organizations, but it also poses challenges to the privacy of individuals. The task of making sense of such a large information base is however most challenging using traditional search user interfaces (for example google.com). The proposed visualization tool will simplify this process and be of value for both exploring the potential of the information as well as handling the privacy effects, as further described in two case descriptions.
The outlined work will be conducted as an activity within the Solid project involving the Swedish Institute of Computer Science and Asimus AB (co-financed by VINNOVA). Within the realm of the project activity we offer two opportunities for conducting supervised master’s thesis work.

Digital identity feature extraction
The core of this master’s thesis will be in the realm of applying and refining methods for extracting features of social and professional identities of individuals based on sources such as documents and Web pages. The work will also involve the design and development of a framework for compiling unified views of digital identity features.
Suitable background: discrete mathematics and solid programming skills (datavetenskapligt program or similar).

Digital identity mining
The core of this master’s thesis work will be in the realm of mining compilations of features of identities with the purpose of determining different social and professional identities.
Suitable background: data mining algorithms (datateknik, datavetenskapligt program, or similar)


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