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Förslaget inkom 2008-04-09

Software implementation in a MPEG2 transport stream

The essence of the work is to implement software in a MPEG2 transport stream that allows the end-user to encapsulate data in the MPE-section during playback.

Work description
You will get a MPEG2 transport stream which needs to be modified in real-time.
This work might involve writing low-level code in C. The end-user/-system will then
have its own data of any kind, for instance TCP/IP-data which will be added to
the existing stream in a special section. This section is called the MPE section and
is designed to hold whatever you want to put in it. However, it can only contain 4096
bytes at a time. Therefore the data you decide to place into it must be split up over
time and it is crucial that the code is efficient, in real-time or as a FIFO-buffer. Imagine having a video-stream where, if you for example wish to place a weather report system there, it would report continuously. To write software being able to put in the weather report data into the existing video-stream is your work, following the MPEG2-standard.

( For more information on the MPE section see: ETSI-DAT EN 301 192, Specifications
for Data Broadcasting, v1.4.1, European Telecommunications Standards Institute
(ETSI), June 2004. http://www.etsi/org/ )

You ought to have excellent skills in either C or C++ and be used to work in an UNIX based environment. You should have at lease general low-level programming skills as well as being familiar with concurrent programming such as semaphores, mutexes, and POSIX threads.
This includes the advanced use of pointers and pointer arithmetic as well as having experience to work with binary data.

It is of great value if you are used to write efficient code and are a quick thinker, used to get a conceptual understanding and find a pragmatic solution to problems. Finally, pre knowledge of the MPEG2-standard will of course make the work easier.

If you have what it takes, or if you know someone who does, please forward an up to date copy of a CV to [email protected] Don’t forget to mention any experience of open source projects. It is considered a merit. Interviews are being conducted continuously so send your application as soon as possible. If you have specific questions, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Company information
Founded 2002 as a Nokia spin-off, 27M is today one of Europe's most rapidly growing B2B players in the digital television industry. The company's core expertise is in the fields of DVB and Digital TV product design. At 27M, you will find interesting jobs that allow you to develop your skills in modern digital TV technology.

Our office in Linköping, Sweden contains many of the industry's best hardware and software engineers. Programming tasks at 27M contains everything from low-level programming in embedded systems to design and implementation of user interfaces. Most of our work is carried out in project teams of 2-7 people.

For further information, please visit: www.27m.com/jobs


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