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Förslaget inkom 2007-12-18

Recycling of passenger car tyres and plastics (three projects)

Three proposals:

1. Absorption mats for oil decontamination

“Absorption mat for oil spill decontamination” is a project, which investigates the potential of using recycled tyre rubber as an absorbent for different oil types like gasoline, diesel and other. After successful launching of the project at Högskolan i Borås in January 2007, we are eager to invite a student in order to continue with the project objectives.

In the scope of the student's thesis work, the task will be to develop a prototype of absorption mat. In particular, the work will include a theoretical study on product manufacturing containing recycled rubber, experimental tests of the product prototype and a study on environmental properties of the future product: chemical analysis and recycling alternatives.

2. Identification method for plastic waste

In many European countries, very strict regulations are introduced concerning the level of plastics recycling originating from industrial and domestic waste streams. However, some problems with plastics recycling are still not solved, such as: sorting of the plastics by type (1), and the characterization of the regenerated product before it is sold (2).

Both steps are obligatory in the recycling process: the first because the recycling of blends of polymers does not lead to satisfactory products and the second because the final user of the regenerated material must be informed of the real quality of the product he buys since it might be inapplicable or hazardous to re-use some blends.

The aim of this thesis work is to test the efficiency of Raman spectroscopy in order to solve these identification problems. Raman spectroscopy is a form of molecular spectroscopy with practical importance in spectrographic analysis and in the determination of the structure of the molecules.

3. Textile waste from tyre recycling as a filler in insulation panels

When recycled mechanically, tyres are falling apart into three components: rubber, steel cord and textile fabrics. The textile fabrics are rayon, polyamide (nylon) and polyester, and represent about five per cent of the total tyre weight in average.

Nowadays, recycled tyre rubber and steel cord are valuable raw materials that are subsequently used in variety of applications. However, the textile fabrics are treated as a waste despite their potential use. The problem of the restricted reuse of textile – its purity, which is not sufficient in order the textile could be further used in other industrial applications.

Master thesis project will study the possibility of using textile fabrics for manufacturing insulation panels. In particular, the textile fabrics are to be used as an insulation filler sandwiched between two panels and tested for the performance efficiency.

The working language is English. The work will be done at Högskolan i Borås, therefore students from that university are welcomed to apply!

Please e-mail your CV and transcript of grades to: Tatjana Karpenja, Project Leader, Högskolan i Borås, [email protected] or call to: 073 553 1466


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