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Förslaget inkom 2008-03-27

Exjobb i Kina, Thailand och Singapore inom miljöanpassad produktutveckling

Vi söker studenter som läst kurser om miljöanpssad produktutveckling och som vill göra sitt exjobb i Singapore, Thailand eller Kina. Vi har ett antal platser att erbjuda lite beroende på intresset från studentens sida. Exjobben kommer att ske i nära samarbete med företag i respektive land.

För mer info hör av er.

Mattias Lindahl

Nedan finns lite exempel på projekt i Singapore (samt praktiskt info):

1) Honda Diracc
Honda Diracc is the first in the world to introduce multi port car sharing system in the world. This system has been in operation in Singapore for 5 years. It should have brought about environmental benefits due to the fact that their entire fleet of cars is hybrid cars, the amount of wasted trips that they have saved through the use of multi-port system and the increase utilization of a car. A LCA can be carried out to quantify the overall environmental benefits of this system under the current and proposed scenarios. The LCA modeling can be carried out using either Gabi or Simapro.

2) An initial Study of the state-of-art in Eco-Design Technology in Sweden and how can it be relevant or applicable in Singapore?
Sweden has a relatively long history in eco-design with rich cases. On the other hand, eco-design in Singapore is also emerging. This study aims to review the eco-design technology in Sweden, and assess how applicable or relevant these technologies are to Singapore’s context.

3) How Singapore can learn from the recycling experience of Sweden?
Sweden has a well-established recycling industry with many years’ experiences. An initial study and survey can be made to identify what are the areas that Singapore can learn from Sweden and what systems can be modified to suit the local Singapore recycling context.

4) Assessment of Intercept Technology.
Intercept Technology is a new material that is proven to prevent corrosion as compared to the current VCI technology. However, the high upfront cost of the material is a drawback for widespread use of this technology in the industry. It is deemed useful to carry out a life cycle assessment to quantify the environmental and economical impacts in its application for corrosion prevention of high end electronics products.

Details of the Internship at SIMTech

1) SIMTech will provide the interns with a monthly stipend of S$800 per student. The cost of renting a room under SIMTech arrangement will be S$130 per month. Thus the student can get a net of S$670 per month after the lodging deduction. Alternatively, the student can arrange their own lodging and get $800 per month.
2) The student will be attached to the Life Cycle Engineering programme to work on the projects that they have selected.
3) Interested applicants need to fill up the application form as attached and forward it to [email protected] for considerations, together with their academic transcript and other relevant supporting documents.
4) An interview will be conducted before the approval is obtained.


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