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Förslaget inkom 2006-05-03

Re-Design and Evaluation of the User Interface of a Meal Planning System


A research project at the laboratory for intelligent information systems at the department of computer science (at LiTH), is developing a meal planning system targeted at the malnutrition problem among elderly. This system provides the elderly user with a suggested meal plan for a specified time period. This meal plan is optimised based on several criteria including cost, ingredients available to the user, meal preparation time, the user's food taste, dietal restrictions, variation of ingredients, etc. A formative usability study of the current system has been carried out with 10 elderly users. The study revealed a number of usability issues which must be taken into account in a re-design of the user interface.

The task of this exjobb is to analyse the existing well-documented observations of usability problems and make a re-design of the user interface. The new design must then be implemented and evaluated in a new formative usability study.

This exjobb will provide very valuable and marketable skills for any student interested in a future career as interface designer, user experience researcher, or usability analyst. The focus on the re-design based on previous observations of usability problems makes it particularly relevant for potential employers.

The exjobb is suitable for one or two students (e.g. from C, D, or IT programmes at LiTH) with an interest in human-computer interaction, user interface design, and user studies. Previous experience from courses on interface design and human-computer interaction is required, as well as experience with the Java programming language.

The existing system is described in the following paper:

Johan Aberg, 'Dealing with Malnutrition: A Mealplanning system for Elderly', in Proceedings of the AAAI Spring Symposium on Argumentation for Consumers of Health Care, pp. 1-7, Stanford University, CA, USA, 2006. Available at: http://www.ida.liu.se/~johab/articles/aaaispring2006.pdf


1. Study the literature on graphical user interface design. Analyse the observations of usability problems and the existing user interface in general and connect these to recommendations and guidelines from the studied literature.

2. Propose a modified graphical user interface design to overcome the usability problems. For each usability problem, document how the modified design is supposed to overcome the problem. Also analyse the modified design critically, trying to ensure that no new usability problems are introduced.

3. After feedback from the examiner, implement the modified interface design.

4. Conduct a usability study with the new system with around 6 test participants. Suitable test persons for the usability study will be recruited by the examiner. Document the results of the evaluation and any remaining, or new, usability problems.
The student is required to speak fluent Swedish in order to handle the user evaluation with elderly Swedish persons.

5. Document the work in the exjobb report (written in English or Swedish).

Please contact Dr. Johan Åberg ([email protected]) for further information.


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