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Förslaget inkom 2006-04-25

Advanced Geometry Simulation and development for Flexible Tooling

The division Production Systems within the Department of Mechanical Engineering is developing a tooling concept called Affordable Reconfigurable Tooling (ART). The purpose strives towards innovative methods and technology to lower cost in the production of Vehicles. For five years this technology has been developed for aerospace industry. Today this technology is partly moving towards an industrialization phase at Saab Aerospace in Sweden, but also towards further development and application in other industries.

The ART system processes are planned in an advanced simulation system from Dassault Systems. CATIA/DELMIA is the platform used for simulating and programming all manual and automated tasks. The reconfigurable tooling modules in the ART system are kinematically defined. Furthermore, the development work is moving towards a new method of configuring the flexible tooling modules.
Today the configuration of the ART system is done automatically with a robot manipulator. Saab Aerospace wants to industrialize this solution without a robot; hence methods and tools to allow the manual configuration have to be developed.

Project Description:
This project is to be done by two students. The application can be done either by a pair of students or individually.
The students will work with two scopes. The first scope is in the design and simulation stage when designing a new ART system. The most challenging task in this area is the definition of inverse kinematics for the so called Hexapods, which is one concept for flexible tooling modules. Up to today it has not been possible to convert the Hexapod mechanism into an inverse kinematic mechanism, which has made the manipulation in the simulation system very cumbersome. But, from the installation of new version of the CATIA/DELMIA software, new functionality in inverse kinematics may make this task possible. This project will evaluate these functions. In that work, the students will propose an improved method in the ART design methodology

The second scope of this project is more practical. From what was mentioned in the background, the ART system is being industrialized at Saab Aerospace. Saab Aerospace wants the flexible tooling modules to be manipulated manually by an operator. At this stage some preliminary concepts have been brought up that can be used as a catalyst for further development. The students will propose and design a concept of a manual manipulator of leg extension in the Hexapod configuration. To evaluate this concept a prototype will be built physically and tested in the lab.


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