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Förslaget inkom 2005-02-25

Evaluation of RT-Linux for mobile measurement systems

Volvo 3P is a Business Unit within the Volvo Group, which provides effective global solutions in the areas of product planning, purchasing, product development and Product Range Management for the three truck companies; Mack Trucks Inc, Renault Trucks and Volvo Truck Corporation.

Within Product Development at the Complete Vehicle department, we have developed one of the most advanced mobile measurement tool called Mobile Communication Platform (MCP). It has been specially designed for our R&D departments within Volvo Group that require remote measurement or programming. MCP uses communication data buses such as J1587 or CAN to communicate with the different control systems in a vehicle. The cellular network is used for transfer of information.
We are now looking forward to the MCP Next Generation (MCP-NG). This platform will be more powerful in different aspects such as CPU, memory, communication interfaces etc. The new platform will be built on the Motorola MPC5200.
One major area that is going to be changed in today¿s MCP is the real time operative system, PSOS. We have chosen to replace it with RT-Linux.

The goal of this thesis work is to perform an investigation, evaluation and verification of RT-Linux on a HW platform. Some rough areas that should be coverage are among others:
1) Market investigation with focus on RT-Linux as OS
2) Evaluation by:
2.1) Simulating a test environment
2.2) Installation of RT-Linux on an existing HW platform
2.3) Porting of RT-Linux to two host PC-applications and one HW-application.
2.4) Defining the performance by through put of data from 2-4 CAN, RS485 (SAE1708), Ethernet and other data sources. The data is time stamped and sorted.
2.5) Calculation performance in different scenarios such as High load, stressed etc.
2.6) Time stamping performance
2.7) Configuration of the OS regarding changes, updates etc
2.8) Mapping of possible hidden pitfalls
3) Verification based on the results from evaluation phase
4) Cost and action plan for a possible change of today¿s OS to RT-Linux
5) Documentation

Important information!
This thesis work requires that you are familiar with Real-Time Operating systems (RTOS), have a good programming skill (hardware + Software) and is familiar with automotive data communication such as CAN, J1939, J1587, CCP, Lin.

Saied Rafidashti, currently project manager within the group: ¿Automotive measurement and calibration technology¿ will act as instructor for the thesis work.

2 Master students are required.


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