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Förslaget inkom 2003-09-11

Market analysis of the global biosensor market

Layerlab is a recently formed spin-off company from Chalmers University. Layerlab is currently aiming to commercialise a new product for optical biosensors, which are used in drug development for studies of interactions between molecules. The product decreases the time needed to perform optical biosensor analysis and increases accuracy in the analytical results.

The team behind Layerlab consist of an entrepreneurial management and research team, guided by business coaching from the investor, Chalmers Innovation.

The objective of the thesis is to perform a market analysis in order to investigate customer need and market potential.
- What analysis methods and suppliers are dominating the field?
- What are the short-comings of current offers?
- Will the Layerlab concept fill the identified needs and gaps?
- Market size and prospected growth rate?

The thesis will be guided by both Chalmers and a Biobusiness Consulting Company, which will give you the academic and the professional perspective of market analysis. The Biobusiness Consulting Company is supporting Layerlab with managerial advice and market information.

We are interested in one or two persons with academic or professional experience from market analysis, with an interest in the life Science Industry. Working for a start-up company like Layerlab, you will have strong influence on Layerlabs future decision making in the field of market and corporate strategy. We therefore believe that you are curious, have great analytical skills and like the combination of high level of freedom and responsibilities.

The thesis will start in the end of August/beginning of September. For further information contact Jonas Båtelson. Between the 12:th of July and the 11:th of August I¿m on vacation and can only be reached on my mobile. If you send e-mail [email protected] I will contact you as soon as get back.


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