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Förslaget inkom 2003-09-17

Processing and Evaluation of RF-MEMS Switches

The aim of this project is to develop the processing steps necessary to produce Micro-Electromechanical Mechanisms that can be integrated onto an MMIC GaAs substrate, containing active semiconductor devices, to form the RF/Microwave switching elements of an electrical resonator for filter or oscillator applications.

Specifically the work will focus on the establishment of a reliable and workable process to produce beam structures (e.g. cantilevers or bridges) that can operate with electrostatic forces produced by potentials sufficiently small so as not to damage the MMIC but still enable mechanical actuation of the MEMS switch contact.

The problem to solve falls into two main categories; firstly the building of the beams using ¿conventional¿ processing methods but tailored for specific mechanical properties, and secondly the final release process of the MEMS switch during manufacturing to give the desired freedom of movement. This will entail the investigation of both ¿wet¿ and ¿dry¿ etch release methods.

During the initial phases of the work it is expected that some time will be spent on familiarization with the subject of MEMS, with emphasis on RF switch mechanisms, including a search and dissemination of the literature for relevant articles. Following this, the activities will involve the generation and manufacture of photo-masks for the ensuing photo-lithography steps. This processing will require the use of sputtering, evaporation, CVD, plating and RIE techniques etc, and the candidate will be expected to participate in these tasks. It is also expected that a portion of the work will contain aspects of the evaluation of the resulting switching mechanisms, for instance cross-section SEM analysis together with electro-mechanical measurements.

The work will be done for the MOEMS/MEMS group at Chalmers Solid State Electronics Laboratory in collaboration with the Microwave Laboratory, Chalmers and Ericsson Microwave using the facilities of the MC2 clean room. The applicant should have a background in physics, material science or mechanical engineering; knowledge of electrical engineering would be an advantage although not a pre-requisite.


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