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Förslaget inkom 2011-01-21

Sales and Marketing for Door and Escalator Business

Mission: Sales and Marketing for Door and Escalator business
To recapture new customers and implement standard tender documents for the sales business on both activities. The existing contracts shall be reviewed and reshaped in both sales field, in order to attract the customers and give a more professional impression.

Otis has worldwide standard processes describing how sales business shall be handled based on the following different steps:

? Customer targeting
? Contract price estimating
? Sales negotiation and follow-up

? Booking process
? Standard job package

The goal is to review and benchmark existing worldwide standard processes.This should be used to review the processes on local level in order to improve, simplify and optimize the current way of working. The main targets are to:

? Reshape existing contracts
? Increase the customer portfolio
? Increase the sales and field efficiency
? Reduce the overall administrative costs
? Increase the sales volume and margin

The mission will require the candidate to work with all different activities of our company to get a good overview of the current processes and to coordinate any required change between the sales, the field operations and the administrative. A major part of the task is to be a practical sales support for the team, to prepare and send proposals: It is needed to understand all existing roadblocks and weaknesses to better support and drive the changes.

Required Skills

? Sales skills+ Customer oriented : in order to communicate with customer
? Microsoft skills (excel, world, powerpoint): to write the revised offers and all required templates
? People skills: to interact with all levels in the company to understand and challenge fully the current processes
? Leadership skills: the mission is naturally training the candidate to some salesman position, with a strong and challenging leadership responsibility.

Estimated Duration: 20 weeks, 30hp

Possible positions at the end of the mission: Salesrep, in charge of customer portfolio, increasing the portfolio with new contracts and developing the job offers for upgrading doors and escalators unit. Existing team of 16 mechanics, an administrative and a manager for 3300 units on Stockholm area.

Other: The thesis can be written in English or Swedish. You have to speak and write fluently in Swedish and English. Start date will be in spring 2011 or earlier. 1 or 2 students can participate.


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