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Förslaget inkom 2007-10-18

MSc degree diploma works at Holmen Paper, connected to new TMP-mill project at Braviken Paper Mill

Holmen Paper is building a new energy efficient TMP (ThermoMechanical Pulp) plant at its Braviken Paper Mill just outside Norrköping in Sweden. The investment is close to 500 MSEK whereof 40 MSEK is support from the Swedish Energy Agency to the R&D part of the project.
In conjunction to the initial phase of the R&D part of the project, 3 masters degree theses projects will start in January 2008 to be finalized in June 2008.
After that, the project will need 3 industrial research students that will have an important role in the development part of the project. Master students found to fit in with the project crew will get the possibility to study to licentiate degree during a 2 year period. The researchers will be project employed and located at Holmen Paper, but will be registered at a Swedish university.
We look for persons from technical universities that would like to combine work in an industrial process technology environment with process oriented research work based on the demands from the scientific society.

The following MSc projects are planned:

1) Mechanisms in chip pre-treatment for mechanical pulp production.
The work involves optimization of physical and chemical environment in chip pre-treatment for reduced energy consumption and removal of wood extractives in mechanical pulp production. Contact person is; Erik Persson, Holmen Paper 011-236371, [email protected]

2) Energy efficient primary stage TMP refining.
The work investigates the potential for reduced energy consumption in high temperature, high intensity primary stage refining. Contact person is; Lars Sundström, Holmen Paper 011-236572, [email protected]

3) Evaluation of loading strategies in large low consistency refiners.
The work involves a mill scale study of flow and load phenomena found when loading / unloading low consistency (flow through) refiners. Contact person is; Christer Sandberg, Holmen Paper, 011-236607, [email protected]

Detailed descriptions of the diploma works are supplied by the contact persons

Applications for all three diploma works should be sent to Christer Sandberg: [email protected]


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