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Förslaget inkom 2008-01-22

Using Wii motion sensing controls for industrial applications (aw)

The technology used in Nintendo’s latest gaming console, the Wii, and its motion sensing hand controls were revolutionary in the gaming industry. The control’s hardware can sense acceleration along three axes and the user interacts with the computer by swinging, pointing and moving the control in the air. We believe this technology can be applied to other areas than gaming. Experiments performed outside of ABB have shown that it is possible to for instance control an industrial robot using the Wii remote control.

Thesis Suggestion
Our suggestion is to build a 3D model of a fictional manufacturing plant and use the Wii controls to navigate and interact with objects in the room. The plant would not have to be accurate or even complete, but rather just show how and if the concept could work. Today, operators use a 2d model of a plant and use the computer mouse to interact with parts. This thesis work could prove new grounds for a completely new user interface for plant operators.

This is just a suggestion, if the students have other suggestions in this area we are interested in hearing them too.

This thesis is a D-level thesis for two students in the computer science and computer engineering areas. The students should together have the following qualifications:
* Great programming skills. Experience in the following areas are preferable:
- Joystick/mouse interaction
- Communication over Bluetooth.
- Network protocol understanding, possibly including some reverse engineering.
- 3d graphics systems, such as OpenGL and DirectX.
* Understanding of human/computer interaction and usability.
* Creative minds, able to think outside the box.
* Be able to work independently.

About ABB Corporate Research
ABB Corporate Research is a global research and development organization for ABB and is located in 7 countries around the world. The office in Västerås, Sweden has approximately 200 employees conducting research in both power technology and automation. We work closely with other research institutes and universities around the world.

To apply, please send resumé and a transcript of relevant courses to Isak Savo ([email protected]). You can also call at +46 21 345109.


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