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Förslaget inkom 2011-06-29

Development of clinical research computing environment

The main objective of this diploma work is to develop a clinical database model and computing infrastructure to support translational research by hosting distributed databases at the Center of Excellence for Research on Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease (CERIC), KI and the relevant database at the Karolinska University Hospital.

Clinical research demands access to large databases and computational tools. The data model should be able to represent and stores the following type of data, (1) Genotype variant database (2) clinical database and patient’s record (3) and Biobank database.
Biomedical researchers usually need to know the availability and location of biological samples from patient(s) stored in the biobanks.
In addition to data storage and retrieval problems, the integration of different databases for discovering the knowledge and relationships hidden is one of the key problems to be investigated during this diploma work .

The minimum functional requirements for the database’s infrastructure are (a) have a flexible and robust database schema that represent all sources of the data, (b) integrate the clinical and genomic data (c) be scalable for meeting current and future demand, (d) have a high degree of standardization (be mapped to International Classification of Disease ) (e) able to support bioinformatics analysis, (g) ensure quality control, security of data, and patient privacy, (h) security manger to manage user’s role and access level, (i) visual query builder to perform advanced query, (j) visualize the database content by applying InfoViz.
The computing environment should implement methods and techniques that allow individual researchers to be able to share existing databases and to query locally and externally hosted databases by means of integrative database architecture.

The above environment will be implemented as interactive web portal to allow researchers to search and exchange database relevant to their research, support plug-in of open source bioinformatics tools and scientific visualization techniques.

Candidate(s) will be hosted at the unit of computational medicine at CMM, and interact with clinical researchers at Karolinska institute.

•Master or bachelor in computer science, health informatics, or equivalent.
•Solid background in SQL programming & web database technologies.
•Experience in PHP / .NET framework is desirable for front-end implementation


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